On: 13 July 2023 

For the Christmas season we will again produce the HUDY bags with the name of the customer on the bag. All the bags are available with part number with ā€ž-Cā€œ, which is ordering part number for customized bag with the customer name.

HUDY bags customized for FREE

You can now have any of the HUDY bags customized for FREE with your name or nickname. This time limited offer is valid until 15th August 2023 until when you need to order the bag you like. The customized name will be printed directly on the bag during the production to ensure a premium outstanding customized look of your RC bags.

The production of the bags will run in September/October and we expect to ship your customized bag in November, just on time for Xmas. So if you are looking for a perfect Xmas gift do not look any further.

Please note that due the time restriction the deadline will be August 15th, 2023 so we can produce the bags and make them on time for Christmas.

Order your Custom Named HUDY Bag here:


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