INTELLECT 2019 Batteries

On: 27 February 2019 

The updated LiHV HV4 Silicon-Graphene based packs will display a higher voltage and power than 2018 models while offering improved cycle time when charged at 1C rates. They can be charged at a higher C rating however, with less risk of damage to the pack. LIHV technology has the ability to be charged to 4.35v per cell, but normal racing regulations allow up to 4.2v so LiHV are considered much safer. To address market demands two options nominally are available in the form of Hi Power and Long RunTime packs. The range includes a 6000mAh high power LCG standard pack (22.5mm height, 270g), a 7000mAh long runtime standard pack (22.5mm, 270g), a 7600mAh lightweight stock standard pack (25.1mm, 305g), and a 8400mAh high power big stock standard pack (25.1mm, 330g).

The shorty range features:

  1. 3600mAh high power 2S low-profile shorty (18.5mm, 155g), 
  2. 4200mAh long runtime 2S low-profile shorty (18.5mm, 155g), 
  3. 5000mAh high power 2S shorty (25.1mm height, 205g),
  4. 6000mAh long runtime 2S shorty (25.1mm height, 215g), 
  5. 6600mAh 1S shorty (18.5mm height, 150g), 
  6. 8200mAh 1S shorty (18.5mm height, 150g).

The 2019 battery range is rounded out by:

  1.  6000mAh 4S brick-type (48.2mm, 560g) 1/8th scale pack. All are made using 120C cells, they come in high-quality hardcases and use updated split-type stickers that ensure the packs look good for longer.

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