Geo Carbon Wheel Arch and Skirt Tool



Geo Carbon Wheel Arch and Skirt Tool

Geo Carbon Wheel Arch and Skirt Tool

Get your body height and wheel arches perfect like the pros, first time, every time!


Skirt height and perfect wheel arch position all done from your axle
Saves you time and guessing
Adjustable wheel arch offset to prevent body tucks
Super lightweight and durable
Directions for use:

Set body on car at ride height with body holes and body position set
Put a dot on all 4 axles at resting ride height, with the front wheels straight
Locate wheel arch tool at desired offset (0-2mm)
Ensure it is square and draw around the whole tool on the front, and only to the engraved notches on the rear.
Join the lines around the whole body, and cut!
This is not something you want to go without! 

Brand RC Maker

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