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Hudy 1/18 Starter Box Leaflet (Hd101396)

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  • <p>KO EX-1 KIY RADIO SET 2.4GHZ FHSS VERSION 3</p> <p>This is the KO Propo EX-1 KIY V3 Concept 2.4GHz FHSS Radio System, with an included KR-411FH Micro Receiver. The Ver.3 EX-1 KIY uses the same Ver.2 software in the Master Unit, but includes the redesigned &lsquo;Expert Grip Unit&rsquo;. This grip unit has updated grip pads that provide a different fulcrum point on the handle and an updated trigger with a redesigned trigger stroke.&nbsp;<br /><br />The KO PROPO Kustomize It Yourself (K.I.Y.) is an interchangeable transmitter that brings simplicity to customizing and upgrading within a modular system. The transmitter is composed of 3 modular units: Steering, Throttle and Master units. The three separate modular units can be easily put together, no screws required. Just push the safety lock of the joint, pull the lever and pull or push to insert or remove the modular unit. It&rsquo; s that simple! You can use the K.I.Y. to unlock your next system and bring more enjoyment to your hobby.&nbsp;<br /><br />As optional parts and items become available you can add to your existing system without worrying about purchasing an entirely new transmitter for you to use. One of the many bonuses of the KIY concept.&nbsp;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /><strong>2.4GHz FHSS</strong>&nbsp;<br />The FHSS system has a foldable and removable antenna for storage. The improved system increases reliability and removes error for communication failures. The corresponding receiver used is the KR-411FH, which is the same receiver used by our other FHSS systems.&nbsp;<br /><br /><strong>High Performance CPU &amp; 2.7inch LCD</strong>&nbsp;<br />CPU is 20% faster that the previous system. The 12bit processor inside the master unit allows for quick data processing and securely performing delicate control. The large size LCD allows for various function configurations at a quick glance.&nbsp;<br /><br /><strong>Adjustable Trigger Position &amp; 3D Trigger</strong>&nbsp;<br />The position of the trigger can be adjusted (forward or back) to your preference in the trigger action. The 3D trigger is also included for even more comfort and infinite customization.<strong></strong></p> <p><strong>Direct Button</strong>&nbsp;<br />The four buttons under the LCD panel are the Direct Buttons. When one of the buttons are pressed, the assigned function will appear in the menu for quick reference and adjustment.</p> <p><strong>Quick Set Up</strong>&nbsp;<br />Allows for a shortcut to quickly setup your vehicle. These are the basic configurations that are usually used to setup your vehicle and accessed the most.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>V3 Updates:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Includes the 'Expert Grip'</li> <li>Software in Ver.2 is ultiized along with the expert grip with grip pad 2 for an improved feel.</li> <li>Optimum feel with the updated trigger which has a more effective stroke and ergonomic design.</li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>LCD Menu List:</strong>&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li><strong>Model</strong>: Select, Name, Copy, Reset</li> <li><strong>Steering:</strong>&nbsp;Trim, Travel, Balance, Subtrim, Trim Rate, Turn Speed, Return Speed, Punch, Curve, Reverse, Travel Override</li> <li><strong>Throttle:</strong>&nbsp;Trim, HiPoint, Brake, SubTrim, Trim Rate, Turn Speed, Return Speed, Punch, Curve, Reverse, Drag Brake, Brake Override, ABS, Accel, Autostart, Idleup</li> <li><strong>3/4ch:&nbsp;</strong>Mode, 2way, 3way, 5way, Analog, 4WS Mix, AMP Mix, T-Mix</li> <li><strong>Quick Setup:</strong>&nbsp;ST/TH Reverse, ST-Subtrim, ST-Travel, ST-Balance, TH-SubTrim, TH-Trim, TH-HiPoint, TH-Brake</li> <li><strong>Timer:&nbsp;</strong>StopWatch, DownTimer, LapHistory</li> <li><strong>Function:</strong>&nbsp;Monitor, LED color, BackLight, Contrast, SoundVol, Buzzer, KeyRepeat</li> <li><strong>System:</strong>&nbsp;Response, Setup, DirectBT, AdjustST, AdjustTH, OP-Timer, 2.4GHzBand, PowerManagement, AllReset, ICS</li> </ul>
  • <p>CLUTCH SET - HIGH TORQUE</p> <table style="width: 490px;" border="0"> <tbody> <tr> <td class="n1" valign="top">The new High-Torque Clutch set for XB9 is an important performance upgrade. The clutch provides a smoother and more continuous transfer of power from engine at very high RPM. The clutch engages higher in RPM range, resulting in more controllable power during acceleration, while still maintaining good handling and performance on jumps. The updated design and engagement profile also provide for extended clutch life.</td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <p>&nbsp;</p> <table style="width: 490px;" border="0"> <tbody> <tr> <td class="n1" valign="top"><strong>The High Torque Clutch set includes:</strong></td> </tr> <tr> <td class="n1" valign="top"><a class="linkm" href="http://www.teamxray.com/teamxray/products/proddesc.php?prod_id=4450" target="blank">#358532 Flywheel</a>&nbsp;- the new flywheel has smaller diameter but increased weight. Thanks to the smaller diameter the flywheel is more protected above the chassis so after huge jump there is a reduced chance for engine stoppages when the car lands on a rock or other obstacle. The increased weight of the flywheel results into more balanced operation of the engine.<br /><br /><a class="linkm" href="http://www.teamxray.com/teamxray/products/proddesc.php?prod_id=4451" target="blank">#358562 Clutch shoe (3)</a>&nbsp;- the new clutch shoes are smaller, lighter and designed for engagement during the entire travel of the shoe. The shoes are less sensitive to wear and as such life time is increased.<br /><br /><a class="linkm" href="http://www.teamxray.com/teamxray/products/proddesc.php?prod_id=1133" target="blank">#358550 Flywheel Nut</a>&nbsp;- tough HUDY Spring Steel nut for securing flywheel to engine crankshaft.<br /><br /><a class="linkm" href="http://www.teamxray.com/teamxray/products/proddesc.php?prod_id=4452" target="blank">#358587 Springs soft</a>&nbsp;- clutch comes standard with #358587 Soft Springs. As a tuning option, #358588 springs medium are available separately<br /><br />The clutch bell is not included. Standard clutch bells fit:<br /><br /><a class="linkm" href="http://www.teamxray.com/teamxray/products/proddesc.php?prod_id=4197" target="blank">#358512 Clutch Bell 12T</a><br /><a class="linkm" href="http://www.teamxray.com/teamxray/products/proddesc.php?prod_id=1129" target="blank">#358513 Clutch Bell 13T</a><br /><a class="linkm" href="http://www.teamxray.com/teamxray/products/proddesc.php?prod_id=1130" target="blank">#358514 Clutch Bell 14T</a><br /><br />or<br /><br /><a class="linkm" href="http://www.teamxray.com/teamxray/products/proddesc.php?prod_id=2694" target="blank">#358525 XB808 Clutch Bell 15T with Oversized 5x12x4MM Ball-Bearings - V2</a><br /><a class="linkm" href="http://www.teamxray.com/teamxray/products/proddesc.php?prod_id=2697" target="blank">#358526 XB808 Clutch Bell 16T with Oversized 5x12x4MM Ball-Bearings - V2</a><br /><a class="linkm" href="http://www.teamxray.com/teamxray/products/proddesc.php?prod_id=2698" target="blank">#358527 XB808 Clutch Bell 17T with Oversized 5x12x4MM Ball-Bearings - V2</a><br /><a class="linkm" href="http://www.teamxray.com/teamxray/products/proddesc.php?prod_id=2699" target="blank">#358528 XB808 Clutch Bell 18T with Oversized 5x12x4MM Ball-Bearings - V2</a><br /><br /></td> </tr> </tbody> </table>
  • <p>12-tooth clutchbell made from HUDY steel. Precision machined on a special gear machine. The new 12T clutchbell adds to the already extensive line up of race-ready clutchbells.</p>

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